Do what you love, love what you do

Don't let boredom rule your life. Your time is limited. Your time is precision. Don't waste it living someone else's life. When you do what you love, it shows. You can't wait to wake up and go to work. You don't dread Mondays, but love them because you can begin a new day doing what you love. If, for some reason, you hate your job and whatever you are doing, get rid of it. Find your passion and follow it.

Freelance photographing tips: what I wish I knew at the beginning


There are too many things that a new photographer has to learn. Learning the ropes is long and hard. It is more than just the Rule of the Thirds and proper lightning.

If you are considering going freelance, things become even more complicated. Solo entrepreneurs has to be able to tackle what seems to be too many balls. At least you must know what it takes before taking the plunge. Here are my 2 cents.

How to find a gallery to represent you, if you are new in the space


There are many photographers who take photographs with the sole intention to capture the moment for their own satisfaction or to show family and friends. However, there are others are seeking a broader audience for their work, and monetize their work and time by showing their art in a gallery. For those in the second category, I will simply share a few tips that will increase their chances to be represented in a gallery.

First: get in their shoes

Imagine you are the gallery’s director. The both love looking at photographs and are surrounded by great ones every single day. However, their time is often quite limited. The time to review new artists is