Interested in photography almost since I remember, it became an obsession early in my life. For as long as I can remember each and every single one of my spare moments was spent in the pursuit of the ultimate photograph.

Apart from this I am an avid outdoors-man. I live and breathe the wild. I love capturing the beauty of the scenery, of wild animals running free, and moments of quiet reverie. It’s jaw-dropping simple beauty that I try to capture forever in my photographs.

For me photography is a personal art. Although the basics are important and everyone should learn the ropes, once you get the foundation, you are free to experiment and develop your own unique style.


My life is not your life. My skills are not your skill. And most definitely my perception of the world is very different from yours. That is the beauty of the photography – the artist being able to rediscover the world from his/her own unique perspective and the opportunity to capture this unique moment.

Our job is to find new perspective, to rediscover the beauty that is already there and capture the moment forever. I am thrilled that I have been given that opportunity to guide my visitors though my personal discoveries, and using the magic of light and perspective, to convey my emotions in that exact moment.

Thank you for being guests on my site. I am deeply grateful that you’ve reached thus far on this page in an attempt to understand better who I am and what I am trying to do. This is not meant to be my professional portfolio site. It is meant to be simply a personal diary (with occasional references to photography, of course). I will communicate what interests me at the moment and what makes my heart beat faster. Hope you enjoy this twist. Rick