Do what you love, love what you do

Don't let boredom rule your life. Your time is limited. Your time is precision. Don't waste it living someone else's life. When you do what you love, it shows. You can't wait to wake up and go to work. You don't dread Mondays, but love them because you can begin a new day doing what you love. If, for some reason, you hate your job and whatever you are doing, get rid of it. Find your passion and follow it.

Blunt advice what to do at the barbershop

Photographers, don’t drive your barbers crazy

We, photographers tend to have high expectations for all services. Everything is expected to be top notch without many directions. I visited my barber of 10 years yesterday and we had a good long talk about his clients, their requirement, and expectations. Truth to be told, I was guilty of doing some of these myself, too. I kept thinking about our conversation while I was driving home, and I certainly feel that we have to do something. I have firsthand experience with clients from hell, so I really hated to be one of them. So, here is my some courtesy advice when it comes to visits to hair salon:

Don’t bring your other half with you

This is the number one problem. Please, please leave your lady at home. Do you like to be micromanaged and constantly watched over the shoulder what you are doing? Yep, me neither. Just remember what she likes and explain it yourself. It is THAT simple.

Have realistic expectations

Barbers are not plastic surgeons. Simply styling the hair won’t automatically turn you into your favorite celebrity. Consult with the barber before hand – some styles suit only certain face shapes and sometimes a cut that looks great on someone else looks like a complete disaster on another face shape.

Wash your teeth and smell nice

Don’t forget to use deodorant EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even if you put perfume on, don’t skip deodorant. Do whatever it takes, but smell fresh.

Nobody likes standing next to a skunk. If your breath stinks, or worse – you stink, your barber will just rush the job to get rid of you. You are depending on them to take their time and make you look good, do your part and get rid of any nasty odors.

Set your mind on a style and don’t change it mid-cut

Barbers can’t glue your hair back on. Just settle on a style and stick with it. Explain everything in advance and you will end up looking good. Barbers use an array of tools and equipment to achieve different results. Apart from the standard tools we know, they use special liner trimmers to make crispy lines; professional thinning shears to remove part of the volume, heavy duty balding clippers and usually a pair of the best hair clippers for fades available. Just ask what is possible and whether certain new style will suit you.  Stylists usually abstain from giving their opinion unless you ask, so just talk with them. Sometimes certain things are not possible.

Know what you want

.. and explain it well. If you are not familiar with the terms, just bring few photos of haircuts you like. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Stand still and forget about that smartphone.

How to find a gallery to represent you, if you are new in the space

There are many photographers who take photographs with the sole intention to capture the moment for their own satisfaction or to show family and friends. However, there are others are seeking a broader audience for their work, and monetize their work and time by showing their art in a gallery. For those in the second category, I will simply share a few tips that will increase their chances to be represented in a gallery.

First: get in their shoes

Imagine you are the gallery’s director. The both love looking at photographs and are surrounded by great ones every single day. However, their time is often quite limited. The time to review new artists is