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Outdoor photography tips and must have outdoor gear

If you are a newbie outdoor photography enthusiast, you may find some of our tips for the essential things to bring with you when going out to do some landscape photography.

Naturally, the most important item is the camera, or cameras. The choice of a camera is yours of course, but having one which is weather resistant and with an excellent dynamic range is definitely a plus for outdoor photo shooting. For great landscape photography, you should choose weather-resistant wide angle lenses for your camera.

For true protection of your camera and lens during rain, you can purchase a camera protective cover or use a cheaper version – a plastic refrigeration bag which you can purchase from any store, if it happens to rain while you are using the camera.


If you want to take some truly great landscape photos, you will need a good tripod. If your budget allows it, purchase a lighter carbon fiber one, because you will be carrying it around a lot, and also because it is water-resistant as well.

For further stabilization of your camera, you could purchase a remote shutter. Cabled ones are more reliable than the wireless type.

If you want, you can invest in some filters and a secure filter bag to get some amazing landscape photos. Once you have packed the photo gear, you need to make sure you have some other essential items as well. Remember to pack an extra battery and a spare memory card just in case.

It is recommended to download and use some useful apps on your smartphone or other mobile device. Having a map app handy is always a good idea when you are out in the wilderness. Also, you can download a weather app, considering you will be spending hours and even days outdoors. Plus, there are a number of very useful photo apps, which can help you calculate the exposure parameters quickly and easily, which you could consider downloading and using as well.

Depending on the time you will be spending outdoors, it is always a good idea to pack enough food and bottled water, especially if you will be spending hours in a place far away from any stores or civilization.

Always wear comfortable shoes made for people standing all day because shoes which hurt your feet will hurt your photos and your entire experience as well. Also wear the appropriate clothes. Water and weather-proof clothes are the best choice. Even if it looks like a perfect sunny day, make sure you have a jacket or other weather-proof top which can save you from a sudden rain, wind and storm.

Wear good sunglasses and don’t forget the sun screen before you leave the house.

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